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1/10th the size of a smart phone. And almost as clever.

Digital Trends



Why we built Modulaj. 

Social Interactions. Workplace Productivity. Personal Safety.

Modulaj smart ring connects to your device and notifies you of phone calls, emails and calendar alerts with customised LED settings and vibrations. Modulaj filters data from your mobile device using keywords and segments it into work and leisure mode. Modulaj provides safety by broadcasting SOS with GPS tracking.

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Brutalist by design.


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Anticipate a return to Brutalist architecture of Montreal, circa 1967—a city poised at the end of history—the last beacon for the last modern man. Inspired by Société de transport de Montréal, Modulaj revives mid-century modernity: poured concrete cubes, stacked sheet metal, and cuboids of tinted glass.

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Fully recyclable. Ethically sourced.

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