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1/10th size of a smartphone. And almost as clever.

                                                                                                                                                  Digital Trends, 2017


Jewellery hasn't changed for over five thousand years. With Modulaj we bring jewellery into the 21st Century. Modulaj is smart, modular and recyclable.


Three core needs.

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Social Interactions. Workplace Productivity. Personal Safety.

Modulaj informs of phone calls, SMS and emails which matter. Modulaj stores calendar events and delivers time-critical alerts. Modulaj harnesses avatars and segments data feed into work and leisure mode. Modulaj broadcasts SOS alert with geo-location in emergency.


Brutalist by design.


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Anticipate a return to Brutalist architecture of Montreal, circa 1967—a city poised at the end of history—the last beacon for the last modern man. Inspired by Société de transport de Montréal, Modulaj revives mid-century modernity: poured concrete cubes, stacked sheet metal, and cuboids of tinted glass.

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Defy Categories. Defy Comparison.

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