1. The Part About TriiNG Collective

TRiiNG is

An art-tec collective perfecting technology infused jewelry. Handcrafted heritage is melded with unexpected technologies to surface our ‘smart’ jewelry collection. We seek balance between the unusual and the commonplace.

Our core values are

Ethical/conflict free materials, transparency in production and full-circle sustainability.

Materials we like

Biocompatible metals, Kimberly process certified and ethically sourced semi-precious and precious stones.

Production processes we prefer

Bioneutral manufacturing, ethical treatment of artisans, compassionate work place, transparent and non-hierarchical organization.

Consumers we aspire for

Always reduce, repurpose, and recycle. Like us they protest wasteful consumption, are averse to trend buying, and never strut to the hype.


2. The Part About the Jewelry

TRiiNG is designed to age well

Our jewelry matures with time. TRiiNGs aren’t plated because gold plating on rings and bracelets - what we call ‘filled jewelry’ - deteriorates with time.

TRiiNG is available in sizes - USA 6, 7, 8

Determine your ring size.

TRiiNG allows contextuality

You define your state of mind: ‘at work’ or ‘at play’ and then interaction with your networks in accordance to your context.

TRiiNG accepts haptic commands

Tap your TRiiNG to control your smart phone. Turn the ringer off with a tap on your TRiiNG. Tap to initiate a fake phone call and exit that awkward social interaction. Or in a situation of emergency activate your mobile phone to transmit SOS notification and geo-location data to a pre-selected group.

TRiiNG displays notifications

Notifications from mobile device are displayed by TRiiNG visually and by gentle vibration. Prioritize phone calls. Create word-clouds to filter text messages. Decide which Apps communicate with TRiiNG.

Built in flash memory allows TRiiNG to function autonomously and deliver time critical alerts such as calendar events even where Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity fails or mobile device is out-of-range.

TRiiNG hardware includes

System-on-chip for BLE, flash memory, 3-axis MEMS accelerometer, RGB LED light, motor with customizable vibration settings, rechargeable Li-Poly battery, and rf-antenna with range of 10 meters | 30 feet. Weighing in at 8 grams with dimensions of 16 mm x 16 mm x 6 mm, TRiiNG hardware is optimized for superior wearable experience.

TRiiNG mobile application

Connects to the TRiiNG using BLE. At launch mobile application is available for Android smart phones. We will introduce iOS compatibility by first quarter of 2017.

TRiiNG rechargeable Li-poly battery

Offers 3 days of active use per charge. To charge your TRiiNGanchor it to a charging dock which is housed in the ring box. The charging station connects to a power source via a micro-USB cable.

TRiiNG is water resistant

Precision engineering allows us to enclose TRiiNG hardware in a casing which repels water. But don’t go scuba diving with your TRiiNG yet. For scuba diving and swimming enthusiasts who wish constant ‘on the grid’ presence, we are developing a water proof sports version.

What is in the box?

  • TRiiNG smart ring
  • Micro-USB charging cable
  • Ring box/charging station


3. The Part About The Legalese

TRiiNG product warranty

Your TRiiNG’s warranty protects against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of one year from date of original retail purchase. For pre-orders your warranty kicks in from date we ship your TRiiNG. If a manufacturing defect compromises functioning of your TRiiNG, we will (1) repair the product at no cost or (2) replace the product.

Is Sales Tax included in the purchase price?

Sales tax is applicable as per your state of residence and is added to the purchase price of your TRiiNG at check-out.

Am I able to update my shipping address after my pre-order has been placed?

So long as your order has not shipped, you can update shipping information by contacting orderhelp@triing.in

Will my pre-order be refunded should I decide to cancel?

If you have pre-ordered TRiiNG and for any reason whatsoever wish to cancel the order, please contact us at orderhelp@triing.in - we are happy to process a refund.


4. The Part About Everything Else

Does TRiiNG store personally identifiable information?

No we do not. Please review our privacy policy.

Is TRiiNG pre-order website secure?

All transactions are encrypted with 128-bit SSL. We do not store your credit-card information. We use Stripe to process your payments.